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Default SpaceX launch: Nasa astronauts set for second try

Rocket company SpaceX will make a second attempt in the coming hours to
get Nasa astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken into orbit.

Their flight to the International Space Station (ISS) on Wednesday was
postponed because of poor weather at Florida's Kennedy Space Center.

Saturday's forecast is not brilliant. The meteorologists say conditions
will probably be touch and go again.

The lift-off is scheduled for 15:22 EDT (19:22 GMT; 20:22 BST).

There's huge focus on Hurley's and Behnken's mission because it will
mark the first time that the United States has been able to launch its
astronauts to the ISS since the retirement of Nasa's space shuttles in

It will also be the first occasion that the US space agency has used a
private company to transport one of its crews to orbit.

But people were wrong if they thought this attention added to the
pressure to get the astronauts off the ground, said Nasa Administrator
Jim Bridenstine.

"We will launch when we are ready," he told reporters. "I'll tell you,
the President (Donald Trump) and the Vice President (Mike Pence) were
proud of the Nasa team and the SpaceX team for making the right call
for the right reasons (on Wednesday)."