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Default Simplified Twin Paradox Resolution.

"Vilas Tamhane" wrote in message

On Jan 7, 10:39 pm, Koobee Wublee wrote:
After all these years trying to talk sense out of the likes, Koobee
Wublee would have to disagree with you. They are indeed fvcking
morons who cannot understand basic algebra and basic concept of what
science is all about. The strong language is indeed very
appropriate. shrug

Coming back to Paul, he will never consider the example you suggested,
that, A and B both go away from C and come back to C. In this case,
there is no way to show difference in time in the clocks of A and B,
though, according to Einstein, each other’s clock was running slow and
still their own were running at proper rate. This proposed reciprocity
is exactly the foolishness that SR is based on.

Koobee Wublee would tend to agree on this one. paul is so busy
justifying why he has said the Doppler effect from GR needed to be
corrected for the carrier frequencies of downlink signals. The recent
excuse is that he did not meant what he said in the past. We will see
what other excuses that he can come up with. In the meantime, try not
to hold your breath for paul to modify his JAVA applet to allow for
both twins to travel with identical acceleration profile and also an
arbitrary time period for the twins to coast (with no acceleration).
It would be interesting to see how paul copes with the mutual time
dilation building up. If he had any brain at all, it would be like
similar to Zed holding his hands to his forehead yelling “no” in the
movie “Zardoz” after “the Wizard of Oz” was exposed to him. shrug

I was not referring to the die-hard Einstein supporters on this NG. It
is clear to me that for more than a century, top most brains in
physics were deliberately trying to maintain Einstein’s deified image.
It is the American government that owes answers to public.
So far as Paul Anderson is concerned, he has spent lot of time in
justifying SR and in later twists given to SR. By doing so, he reduces
himself to a dishonest bigot.
Kinky Wobbly is no less a dishonest bigot. His only excuse for his
luminiferous mechanical ectoplasm is "It obviously must exist" without
giving any reason or mathematical argument why it must exist, nor can can he
point to any experiment supporting his blind faith.

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