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Bill Sheppard
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From OG:

You are failing to give a convincing
reason for adopting their (Lindner,
Warren et als') model...... I wonder why
IF you keep insisting its 'true' you aren't
at all interested in providing testable

Testable proof ??!! The mechanism is self-evident and self-explanatory.

By its behavior and bountiful effects, the mechanism *appears* to be an
accelerating, pressure driven flow toward a center of mass, in an
omnidirectional 'reverse starburst' pattern. Unless you are utterly
inculcated with the 'no medium' premise, what's more pragmatic than
simply accepting the mechanism for what it appears to be and behaves as?
It frees you from the need for abstractions like 'curvature of space'
which carries its own conundrum of "if there is no medium, how can it
Then there's the 'roach motel' objection of "where does
the 'stuff' go once ingested?" Well, where did the BB 'come from'? You
readily accept the imponderability of the pre-BB state, do you not? oc