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Default Gravity and the speed of light.

On Monday, April 30, 2018 at 9:07:18 AM UTC+10, I wrote:
I recently replied to an old post from 14-4-17 on
sci.physics.research, under the subject heading; Does gravity
travel at the speed of light? My reply was in response to a
reply from Tom Roberts. My post hasn't been acknowledged in any

I've had a belated email response from sci.physics.research,
which arrived a day or so before my original post was sent to
this newsgroup. I don't keep up with my emails. My post was
rejected for the following reasons.

[excessively speculative]
The nuclear atom.
Analysis of double slit experiments.
Spooky action at a distance.
That's what I call speculative.

[controversial statements]
There was nothing speculative or controversial in anything I
wrote. I've simply stated obvious consequences of the zero
origin. A theory of the universe will always be considered
speculative until proven otherwise. This is just one stepping
stone in that process.

[observation or theory without showing that they have a rigorous
scientific basis]
Isn't demonstrating that the theory has a scientific basis
what I'm trying to do here?

I'm not pointing the finger at newsgroup moderators. They operate
within the guidelines set out by the physics establishment and I
think they do a remarkable job. But close minded physics will
lead us nowhere.


Max Keon