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h says...
On Tue, 9 Oct 2007 19:34:17 +1000, in a place far, far away, BernardZ
made the phosphor on my monitor glow
in such a way as to indicate that:

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Crown-Horned Snorkack wrote:

:On 8 okt, 16:09, Fred J. McCall wrote:
: BernardZ wrote:
: :
: :Worst case the company could pick the country that it was based on like
: :ships do today.
: :
: In the case of space, that doesn't save you unless all your people are
: willing to give up their citizenship.
:Really? Why?

Because many countries (like the US) sort of require it, since they
are still going to be responsible for the actions of THEIR citizens.
If they're going to be responsible, they want to control the company.

The company should be able to arrange its affairs to overcome these

The principal law under which the U.S. exercises its Special Maritime
and Territorial Jurisdiction is set forth in Section 7 of Title 18 of
the U.S. Code. This statute provides, in relevant part, that the U.S.
has jurisdiction over crimes committed on a ship if:

This has nothing to do with space. Space activities are governed by
the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, not maritime law.

Although not a definite answer it appears that space law is basically
maritime law.