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Default What if (on Sun Wobble)

On Feb 13, 5:33*am, (G=EMC^2 Glazier) wrote:
What if other humankind on a planet such as ours over 100 LY away are
studying our Sun? * * * *They would find it so interesting. They would
know it had a planetary family. First,they would see the Sun wobble from
side to side,as the center mass of the solar system. This Sun wobble
would have a period of about 12 years
* This is the time it takes our great planet Jupiter to orbit the Sun
Must not leave out the "Doppler Shift" created by the Sun.They would be
using a spectroscope. Third thing to keep in mind as the planet Jupiter
passes across he Sun in their line of view they would notice a change in
the light's brightness. * *Well we in this spacetime are doing all this
as I type, Fact is since 1996 planetary discovery has become for me one
of the most interesting phenomenon of astronomy. * To me it begs this
question. *Will we find that the new planetary systems differ
considerably from our own? * TreBert

Sirius A/B have a wobble of something .06 solar mass. Wonder what's
causing it.

~ BG