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Default Two Earth-Sized Planets Found by Kepler

On Dec 21, 9:59*am, Painius wrote:
Kepler Space Probe Update

They are too close to their star to sustain life, and yet these are
very close to the size of our Earth!...

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It just means that most stars host planets, as though you and I didn't
already suspect as much.

Perhaps stars of 20+ Ms would be too vibrant and too short lived to be
planet worthy, although those larger stars seem to be in the minority,
whereas the vast majority of stars seem to have something less than 1
Ms and should be really good for hosting a dozen or more planets,
planetoids and lots of moons. Those exoplanets of 5+ Mj could easily
have numerous Earth sized moons that perhaps JWST can help detect (not
that any exoplanet is going to become accessible to us or the next
thousand generations unless we're talking of only those 10 ly and
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