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Default It seems that as Dark Energy increases, Dark Matter decreases as time goes on

In article , I wrote:
I'd be astonished if mixed dark matter fits the
WMAP spectrum. (The key is that neutrinos don't cluster the same way
dark matter does.)

Maybe I should be prepared to be astonished; apparently some models
in this class are still considered worth discussing. At least a
quick search turned up one paper discussing them:
D. Anderhalden et al. JCAP 10, 047 (2012).
I didn't see anything about comparisons with WMAP data, though.

One thing obvious even to a non-expert like me is that such models
introduce two new free parameters: the mass of the putative warm
particles and the fraction of the overall dark matter they
constitute. That makes mixed models unattractive unless data show a
clear need for the extra component.

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