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Default [fitsbits] Start of the Green Bank Keyword Convention CommentPeriod

William Pence wrote:
Can you be more explicit? I only see one document listed on the Green
Bank convention page.

Full Documentation
there are, the 1995 draft by
Harvey Liszt
and by Bob Garwood.

The former uses the keywords MAXIS, MAXIS1, ... to describe the data
structure whereas the latter uses the TDIM keyword which is now in
general use. I think Garwood's paper is correct but Harvey's gives more
detail. For that reason, someone not familiar with all the background
might use Harvey's paper as the definitive one thinking that Bob's is
just a short version of the same thing.

Ideally, Harvey's paper would be modified to use the TDIM convention.
Also, I would like to see added to it the explanations of the keywords
and column names like those found in AIPS++ Memo 236
( or But beware that
some core keywords were put in the shared category, which was probably a