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Default Hi Scab****e the drunken kiddie porn pedophile coward

Borked Pseudo Mailed wrote:
In article ,
Hoots wrote:
Borked Pseudo Mailed wrote:
In article [email protected],
"Mark F." wrote:
Two weeks ago I was eating my own stinking ****e on my way home from a
gerbil felching contest in Bishop. I looked left at a Fagamond off
ramp where i saw the Get your prefelched frozen gerbils here sign
a little way off the freeway. Is that where you set up? at your home
address in the antelope valley white trash trailer park dump at 470
20th st w rosamond ca 93560 23 ph 661 256 2175 and what is a
prefelched frozen gerbil is it like a live squirming gerbil that
you crammed up your arsehole then ****e it out after it died while you
jizzed then you licked it and quick froze it covered in ****e then
resold it at a discount for future use should i thaw it out
before stuffing it up my distended arsehole or should i ram it up
there while your stinking ****e on it is still half frozen but kind
of squishy and greesy and smells like a rotting fawking corpse

what do you recommend dennis bishop you are the expert and your
reputation for being the best gerbil felcher and most cowardly drunk
and dishonourably discharged pill popping fawking pedophile bum in
antelope valley is well known throughout these fawking parts

It's nice when we all get together like this and shoot the **** (so to

yes it is good to be pen pals i know everyone here agrees a friend of
****elard is a friend of ours and we want everyone to add ****elord to
your mailing list he is my pen pal
he is your pen pal he is everyones pen pal you can be his pen pal too
So, what did he recommend?

well you know that ****elard dennis bishop has a web site that he spams
all the time and where he peddles pr zero ad space for third world kiddie
porn snuf flix and necrophilia necrophagia fettish goodies that are real
popular with all the amateur telescope and astronomy buffs who read there

anyway ****elard recommends partially thawing his secret family recipe
prefelched frozen gerbils not quite to room temperature just to where
they are starting to smell like a recently abandoned mortuary you know
like where a couple dozen rotting corpses are left decaying and stinking up
the joint to high heaven making you throw up so bad you go into convulsions
like you are going to fawking die so denise says that he likes to ****e
out his twice felched prefelched half thawed dead gerbils and eat them
before they get too ripe again he says it is better than sucking the
stinky ****e out of his own distended arsehole which he gets bored with
since he does that every day you know eating his own ****e while he
drinks himself into a stupor to ease his pain and suffering for being such
a useless fawking low life drunk driving wreck causing dishonourably
discharged worthless arsehole with the iq of a low grade moron not
even seventy because the shrinks measured it while he was being court
martialed and that is why he is stuck in that dead end trailer court for
losers and barmy drunken bums out in the middle of fawking nowhere the
fawking loser piece of ****e wishes that she were dead already

Well, I know *I* appreciate you getting the word out.

Sort of like public service work, eh?