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Default MSNBC (JimO) - Hubble debate -- a lot of sound and fury

"William Elliot" wrote in message
On Tue, 23 Mar 2004, JimO wrote:

MSNBC - Hubble debate -- a lot of sound and fury
Hubble debate
a lot of sound and fury
Politics and posturing aside,
NASA's actually right this time

Hubble telescope's mission is dismaying, even heart-breaking. But even

appalling has been the aftermath of the decision. While NASA made

blunders in announcing and explaining the decision to cancel a needed

mission, the public furor that has ensued is based on fundamental
misunderstandings and misconception mixed with posturing and politics.

Experience has loudly demonstrated major misunderstandings and
misconceptions pour forth from the Bushwhacky in a flood of corruption.

Add the Hubble scuddle to the huge list of Budget Busting Bush's Blunders.

Oh can it. Bush didn't make this decision. NASA is under fire for the safety
of the shuttle. They know they can only make "so" safe, so they are taking
the politically safe path, and not launching to the Hubble. The nation cried
foul when the second shuttle was lost, and NASA is responding in CYA
fashion. Who can blame them? We can't have it both ways. We either need to
except the risks as they are or let NASA make the decisions as they see fit.

Bush has nothing to do with this.