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Default SR time dilation on remote objects ?

Dear Marcel Luttgens:

"Marcel Luttgens" wrote in message
SR time dilation on remote objects ?


Can time be "SR dilated" on remote galaxies or supernovae, because
of space expansion?

"Can" it be, based on a single data set? Yes.

"Can" it be, based on this particular sky-full of data? No.

The velocity illusion, to which SR would apply, will only work if all the
matter is moving away from some geometrical center, and only then if the
velocity is proportional to particular' body's distance from that center.
Our motion is away from an area of space that shows no evidence of having
had a center. And we haven't travelled very far in 13 Gy, so we should be
able to resolve it. Even a trillion years wouldn't hide it completely.

The only evidence of the Big Bang is written at the observational the
limits of the Universe, namely the CMBR. Which indicates the Big Bang was

David A. Smith