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Default SR time dilation on remote objects ?

Marcel Luttgens wrote:
SR time dilation on remote objects ?


Can time be "SR dilated" on remote galaxies or supernovae, because
of space expansion?

No. Apparent time dilation due to space expansion has nothing to
do with the time dilation of SR.

Details are given hereafter, as well as the refusal by the
moderator to post my question in sci.physics.research

Perhaps because you could read this up yourself if you would
bother to actually open a book on cosmology? I recommend
"The early universe" by Kolb&Turner.

Marcel Luttgens


Date : 04/07/04 15:18
To : "Urs Schreiber"

Object : SR Time dilation on supernovae ?

Dear Urs Schreiber,

I am not "saying that contemporary cosmology and GR are fundamentally
wrong", I prove it.

You prove nothing like that. You even don't know what modern
cosmology says. E.g., you didn't know that the Hubble parameter
is time dependent even during quite ordinary expansion!

Why don't you allow experts to disprove my

Because they have better things to do than to correct your
elementary misconceptions about the Big Bang theory?

Science doesn't deserves censorship.

The newsgroup sci.physics.research is reserved for genuine
research. Banning people who have elementary misconceptions, like
you, has nothing to do with censorship.