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Default Of moon and tides

On 05/02/2018 14:44, N_Cook wrote:
On 05/02/2018 09:01, Martin Brown wrote:

My email address is valid so if you would be kind enough to your NOC
expert to get in touch I would be interested to discuss with them why
they would dismiss the possibility of tidal forcing out of hand.

I'll tell him of your recent post and "newspam"@... em address,

remove both " ?

Make absolutely no changes and it should get through unmolested.

Spammers scripts can't resist removing "spam" from it or correcting the
number of '''. In a previous incarnation it used "|" which really messed
up poorly designed Unix spammers scripts.

My new mailserver doesn't allow the use of the pipe character.

My interest is a bit more parochial.
I wonder if the "sotonisation" of the pompey tides ds.pdf
and multiple high-waters for Soton also since the end of 2015,
(correspondence with Southampton Hydrographic office confirming this

phenomenom but no insight as to cause, from them)
change in Lymington tide times, growth of a spit at Pagham Harbour

are all connected.
Perhaps connected to whatever tidal harmonic constituents are close

to syncing together for 2 or more years , along with the
super-blue-blood moon, and all these local effects might drop out again
after 2 more years.

Myself and 3 proper NOC oceanographers are intrigued about this local

effect, so far tentatively "blamed" on dredging for aggregates in the
English channel, but an astronomic cause is much more interesting.

Worth taking a look at the times series for likely candidates. Eclipses
are a crude proxy for good alignment the ones around now close to
perigee can do the most thrashing with the moon at its closest.

To turn a sine wave into a square wave you are looking for a third
harmonic component in antiphase and 1/3 the amplitude (or to just get a
flattish top (2n+1)th harmonic and the right amplitude to match).

Accidentally sent this to your email address and just noticed the
bounce... sorry for the delay (and mangled formatting).

Martin Brown