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Default Land of Mt. Hood and the Source of the East Wind

On Friday, October 7, 2016 at 1:00:16 PM UTC-7, Double-A wrote:
Temperature has been flatlining here in Gresham. Currently 58F as of 1:00 PM PDT. Lifht rain this AM. But expecting a little warmer the next couple days.

Got the number of the guy Kim knows running fast food in Hawaii. When she brought me food yesterday, I gave her that information. This could be the start of our fast food empire here in Oregon!


AA bikes and bike lanes are big in Anaheim.Walmart sells about 100 every day.Thift store 20 bucks.Buy one.No waiting for a bus. With a back pack,and trailer its a way to go.Sailed all day.Weather was great. Trebert