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Default Land of Mt. Hood and the Source of the East Wind

Racist &
aka "reber G=emc^2" wrote:
"Here in Anaheim people take their stuff in a Walmart cart.
I Sleep next to it on a blanket. I hope the pictures go on TV,
or make full page... and all the Mexicans call me Bert
Glazier __ "la judÃ*o cerdo idioto" __, because Glazier is a
habitual Face-****ter & a Criminal Graveyard Vandal who
has put a __Stain of Shame__ onto his good Jewish Glazier
amily Name, and insists that ....
*** "I am a proud Jew with a Superiority complex &
*** an IQ of 122", & "I know how everything works"
*** "Being Jewish I know this is so very true" -- Bert.
*** __** "Why am I not loved by all?" --- Bert **__.