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Default Land of Mt. Hood and the Source of the East Wind

On Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 12:18:06 PM UTC-7, Double-A wrote:
On Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 5:16:31 PM UTC-7, hanson wrote:
"Double-A" wrote in message
Another cool day here. 57F now with occasional showers. SW wind 6 mph..

They are remodeling the tavern across form the library. That place never
seemed to have any business. Somebody must be betting on the come, betting
a better business climate will soon be here when the new Amazon distribution
center is built in neighboring Troutdale!


the Face-****ter and the criminal Graveyard Vandal
aka "reber G=emc^2" ,
is nowhere ton be seen now after you asked him
for his consideration to be an investor for you plans.

He is probably giving it serious consideration.

The radio forecast is warning of a strong storm coming in this afternoon, but my online forecast doesn't show it. Got to the library as soon as it opened at noon today to try to get back home before the bad weather cuts loose!

Currently 58F and raining lightly. Wind south at 8 mph.

Lunch with Kim yesterday. Somebody stole her bags again! I told it that it was because most street people know that most other street people keep drugs in their bags. But Kim never uses.


Here in Anaheim people take their stuff in a Walmart cart.Sleep next to it on a blanket.Is that true in Portland? Get paid 10 cents per can,and I save beer cans for this nice guy.He makes 10 bucks a day on cans.Like Trump he pays no taxes.Unlike Trump he is of sound mind. Warm about 85.Very sunny.Hope I'll be sailing and fishing this weekend.Been a very cool Spring. Fred and Betty called to say they were using my sailboat and having great fun.People taking pictures.I hope the pictures go on TV,or make full page.The sail is very colorfull for the 4th. As you have seen when I first sailed it in Ma.on the 4th.The Gazette in Easthampton had me sailing and the tittle was "Master of his ship" My sailboat is safe for kids,and it teaches them the art of sailing.I learned to sail at 12.So I have been sailing for 77 years WOW.Time flies like the wind going by.Catch the wind its free and clean.No matter which way it blows you set the sail. Trebert