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Default Land of Mt. Hood and the Source of the East Wind

"Double-A" wrote
hanson wrote:
"Double-A" wrote in message
Another cool day here. 57F now with occasional showers. SW wind 6 mph.

They are remodeling the tavern across form the library. That place never
seemed to have any business. Somebody must be betting on the come,
a better business climate will soon be here when the new Amazon
center is built in neighboring Troutdale!

hanson wrote:
the Face-****ter and the criminal Graveyard Vandal
aka "reber G=emc^2" ,
is nowhere ton be seen now after you asked him
for his consideration to be an investor for you plans.

AA wrote:
Liar Glazier is probably giving it serious consideration.

hanson wrote:
yeah, yeah, but it's only "probably serious" as SwineBert
is nowhere to be seen now.... ahahahaha... AHAHAHA...