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Default ...Lesson for Nasa! US Airmail and Aviation

Rand Simberg wrote:


A market! A cargo! The US Airmail.

So....what is the market/cargo for space?

That is, of course, the heart of the problem. Where there is a market
- comsats of various kinds - there is substantial investment and
interest; where there isn't one, or where at the very least no one has
thought of one, there's no investment and no interest (in the financial

And there has been about a billion dollars of investment in private
space vehicles recently.

So? There was a massive amount of capital invested in railroads too
back in day. (Much of it lost.) There was also massive amounts of
capital invested in the dot-bombs, (and much of it too was lost).

Furthermore, much of the investment in private space is represented by
a few individuals - not the broader financial world.

(But then, such facts and complications don't fit neatly into a
typical Randian one-liner sound bite.)

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