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Tony Flanders
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I said:

I don't think you understand! 10x50 binoculars clearly need a
mount for maximum utility.

"gswork" responded:

Then so should my own 8.5x44 shouldn't they?

You bet! And 7x35 too. Sure, they work fine hand-held, but you can
see *much* more if they are well mounted. The higher the magnification,
the greater the relative importance of the mount, but mounts make a
major difference all the way up.

I asked:

Why so reluctant to get a scope?

And "gswork" replied:

On that last point, cost. I can't really afford the kind of scope
that seems to be considered minimally useful and of the kind of
quality that won't just leave you feeling you're missing out. a high
quality 6" reflector or 3" refractor seems to be recommended, anything
less leading to a desire to upgrade within weeks, in which case why
buy two. I like the FOV and ease of use of binoculars too.

Right, but going to 30x defeats both the FOV and the ease of use.
The thing that makes binoculars convenient is precisely the low
magnification -- which is also precisely what limits them most.

As for telescopes, you can get an *awful* lot of functionality, with
irreproachable quality, for under $400, and if you are willing to
compromise a little -- *much* less than you would with those 30x
binoculars -- you can easily get down to $200 or so.

- Tony Flanders