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Default [WWW] Anouncement of Cycles discussion forum etc

The Study of Cycles

Edward R Dewey formed the Foundation for the Study of Cycles in 1941 as
a result of studies he made as an economist concerning the causes of the
great depression. He soon established an interdisciplinary study of
cycles and found that certain common periods occurred in cycles in
seemingly quite unconnected fields of study. These findings lead him,
however reluctantly, to see that there were things going on in the world
that were beyond the scope of any existing field of study. For this
reason the interdisciplinary study of cycles is important for advancing
human knowledge in all fields.

Edward R Dewey summary

Dewey talked to famous physicist Richard Feynman about his findings and
used his recommendations as a basis for anaylsis and presentation of his
and other people's results. The summary of his findings is presented in
the interesting article "The Case for Cycles" available at
http://www.cyclesresearchinstitute.o...for_cycles.pdf a 0.9
MB, 36 page document. Altogether Dewey collated about 3000 reports of
cycles in different fields and commented that in every field of study
there have been found to be cycles. These studies range across
astronomy, biology, climatology, geology, markets, medicine, physics,
economics, sociology and more.

Cycles Research Institute discussion forum announced

Cycles Research Institute has papers on cycles by Dewey and other
researchers available at its web site and now announces the opening of
a cycles discussion forum based on phpBB. Information on the forum is
available at and
the forum itself is at where
discussion areas are available for each different branch of science and
economic and market cycle studies. All serious students or researchers
in cycles or the individual fields of study are most welcome.

Experts, articles and papers

CRI is the scientific cycles study arm of the FSC - the Foundation for
the Study of Cycles and
welcomes the contribution of articles on cycles for its website at to
admin(at)cyclesresearchinstitute(dot)org and papers for the forthcoming
Cycles Research Journal to editor(at)cyclesresearchinstitute(dot)org. We
also require experts and advisors in all the fields of study -
astronomy, biology, climatology, geology, markets, medicine, physics,
economics, sociology and others, who have an interest in cycles.

Ray Tomes
Cycles Research Institute