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Default 1) the negative paraxes...

...from the topic ''Letter to a friend ''
... the negative parallaxes are a big mistery , as i told many times
... almost nobody want to speak about it , and almost all don't know its existence
... Eistein and de Sitter could not imagine a similar thing
... not only , untill the years 2000 nobody had suspected that existence
... so difficult to understand ! but exactly the half of not near bodies ( stars , galaxies , quasars..) have a negative parallaxes .. and you must make alone all the mental paths around its .. no books , no profs ,no magicians ...: i can only say my opinions ..and discuss with you that opinions , trying togheter a reasonable street where nobody walked .. ( i think that the negative parallaxes ' solution can influence directly the dark matter and the age of universe )
.. main asks and next program : 1) what is a parallax and a negative parallax? 2) how a negative parallax can enter in our science?