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Default The Equation of Time(keeping)

There is something cool about knowing that the theorists never really got to grips with the Equation of Timekeeping in context of Newton's absolute/relative time description and especially in an attempt to make a geocentric view transform directly into a heliocentric one -

" Here take notice, that the Sun or the Earth passes the 12 Signs,or makes an entire revolution in the Ecliptic in 365 days, 5 hours 49 min. or there about, and that those days, reckon'd from noon to noon,are of different lengths; as is known to all that are versed in Astronomy" Huygens framework for the EoT

Ultimately this error found its way into the so-called inverse square law which tries to transform the idea of universal attraction into a theory of gravity -

"That the fixed stars being at rest, the periodic times of the five
primary planets, and (whether of the sun about the earth, or) of the
earth about the sun, are in the sesquiplicate proportion of their mean
distances from the sun.

This proportion, first observed by Kepler, is now received by all
astronomers; for the periodic times are the same, and the dimensions
of the orbits are the same, whether the sun revolves about the earth,
or the earth about the sun." Newton

To be fair, so many have had their minds rotted out by early 20th century relativity which jettisons any pretense to solar system research that effectively what Huygens or Newton say as perspectives are meaningless nevertheless I am aware of exactly why the earlier theories are entirely disruptive while the 20th century attempts are basically voodoo and wishful thinking.