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Default The Equation of Time(keeping)

It should be apparent what the core references are for the 24 hour day, the equal hours, minutes and seconds along with the Latitude/Longitude system.

It is also apparent what went wrong as the clockwork solar system proponents tried to bypass the Sun and its effects for what they thought was 'pure' rotation by appealing to stellar circumpolar motion. It is from this point that things spiraled downwards and eventually the most dismal or wretched ideology in astronomical and terrestrial science history became accepted -

" It is a fact not generally known that,owing to the difference between solar and sidereal time,the Earth rotates upon its axis once more often than there are days in the year" NASA /Harvard

It is hard to know what a person must be to deal with these issues but part engineer, part astronomer or archaeologist, climate researcher, geologist comprise different facets of all this but first and foremost a person must have the most human of experiences as they watch the Sun come into view each day and know what it means -