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Default No Confirmed UFOs Ever So Far

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I'm surprised people still discuss this subject with respect to linear

Not sure what you're saying. Travel considered must be linear point A to B etc.

One method predicts travel by the creation of manmade wormholes. The
ship would travel through it to the destination without travelling
interstellar distances. It would be instantaneous, from the models I
read about.

Another method I've read about discusses folding space/time so that the
ship resides in two places at once. Disrupt the field, space unfolds,
and the ship rests at the destination. I've seen a scientist fold a
piece of paper and pierce both ends with a pen to describe the concept.

In either case it doesn't take vast distances to cross (linear) to
approach it. There may be a short linear distance involved (thru
wormhole), but it would be in the moments versus decades.

According to the material I read, energy density holds us back. Our
ability to store energy is nowhere near where it must be for us to
manipulate space/time or to create wormholes. It's nowhere near where we
can even do microscopic experiments on the concept. We have a ways to go.

Energy consumed to manipulate the space around the ship allows science
to work around relativity and exploiting other features of nature. Let
photons be photons.


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