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Default Gravity Spin and Blackholes

As a policy question this comment is to assist astronomers
in observation. Knowing the natural boundaries of
the sky can computationally filter visual data.

Here is a comment on gravity theory.

As per a recent comment on generalized spin theory
in sci.physics.research, spin is a variable of angular

I interpret the idea as a quanta of this angular field.
Spin 1 has a single dimension of momenta. Gravity is spin
2? If so this is a two dimensional field(space/time).
Making a four state angular momenta solution.

There are boundary solutions of spin state
that are visible.

they a

body revolution, then the opposite
body rotation

polar lens emission, then the opposite
black hole state

the moon revolves or is it rotating the Earth?
the earth rotates or is it revolving the sun?

When there is a polar emission, think of it as
beams emitting from the top and bottom of a sun like body.

And just the opposite a black hole has zero emission.
The body is internalized.

The only incomplete fact here is the quanta identity
of my emissions. It needs completing.

But in this attack it is clear that a blackhole
would have a profound instability. They can not
be given a zero instability.

A simplified boundary function needs help also.

But I think it helps