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Default ASTRO: NGC 3938

On a weekend from March to April I have been attending a small starparty in
the north of Germany. Unfortunately weather was not as good as forecast, the
first night only allowed for 40 minutes of data and the second about four
hours, half of which were compromised by thin clouds. So I had 4.5 hours at
f/8 with small pixels, which is a bit short for a good picture (but still
better than what I can do from the city).
I imaged what is probably my favourite galaxy, NGC 3938. I like it's thin
"fingers", making it look like the the feet of a frog.

Taken under SQM-L 21.1 skies with a lot of thin clouds with a 10" Meade ACF
at f/8 on an AZ-EQ6 mount, Trius SX694 camera, 14x10min L, 13x10min combined
for RGB.


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