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Mysterious New Warp Drive Patent Surfaces Online
"In April of 2020, two engineers from Chicago, Jessica Gallanis and Eytan
Halm Suchard published a patent application for a drive using the updated
Harold White designs. A device aptly named the Alcubierre-White Warp
Drive. Barely a month into the COVID 19 shutdown, the patent’s publication
seemed to sneak under the radar, with a lone report by Read Multiplex in
December of 2020 (one that sits behind a paywall).

In the summary portion of the patent, Gallanis and Suchard explain how “the
invention uses two Alcubierre gravitational walls to achieve a warp drive
effect as means of propulsion while surrounding or enclosing a cavity or
space where passengers can travel.”

This design is consistent with Alcubierre, who’s solution they point out
“suggested a method for changing the metric of space-time and creating a
space-time warp bubble such that while from outside the bubble, the bubble
can advance in superluminal speed, from within the bubble the speed is
much lower than the speed of light.”

The patent also notes the work of Froning, who they say observed how, “if
sufficient warping is achieved, ship speed is slower than light speed within
the region that surrounds it-even if it is moving faster-than-light with respect
to Earth.”


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