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Archimedes Plutonium[_2_] March 11th 11 09:10 PM

Gravity = mass-gravity + positron-space-gravity; Ida & Dactyl #367Atom Totality 4th ed

Subject: Ida and moon Dactyl tests of gravity;

Positron-Space as gravity versus mass-gravity, where the difference
between the two can be tested.

There should be experimental tests between the two forms of
gravity. The Positron-Space-gravity follows the regular Coulomb
force and has a attraction of the Positron-Space for the ordinary
matter of the Cosmos, but it also has a repulsion when large
massive objects get close to one another the repulsion can
be felt of their gravitational centers.

So here we have an experimental test to distinguish whether positron-
gravity is a
true component of overall gravity, whether Positron-Space-gravity and
mass-gravity forms

And there is another test between the two which is easily testable
is that there should be a minimum gravitational bound or a
gravitational locking of objects. In mass-gravity there is no minimum
but in Positron-Space-gravity there is a minimum of how
many positrons compose the centers of the two objects in question.

Now I do not know if Ida and its moon Dactyl are the smallest
gravitationally bound asteroids. But the Positron-Space-gravity
should have a minimum such bounded system whereas the
mass-gravity theory has no required minimum.

So perhaps the asteroids can offer us proof of one of these two
components of gravity. If we notice two asteroids locked in a
gravitationally bound
system that is smaller than predicted by the Positron-Space-gravity
would confirm the mass-gravity component. But, if we
notice two asteroids which appear to be separating away from
one another or conglomerations of asteroids that move away
from their centers of mass would confirm the Positron-Space-gravity

Another subject where this Positron-Space-gravity would figure
in is the recent theory that the Moon had collided with Earth some
4.4 billion years ago. If that theory were true, then Positron-Space-
gravity would have played a large role in why the Moon
survived as well as it survived because of the repulsive component of
gravity of the center of Earth with the center of Moon Positron-Space.

Now there is another astronomy observation that lends credence
to Positron-Space-gravity in that we observed some acceleration
to galaxies in the 1990s. Well, those observations may not have
been acceleration of the entire Cosmos but only a snapshot of a
corner of the Cosmos where galaxies were moving away from
one another due to Positron-Space-gravity, much like when the
Moon moved away from Earth after its near collision.

So there are two obvious tests as to whether gravity has these two
In Positron-Space-gravity we have repulsion along with
attraction and we have a minimal gravitationally bound
system which we do not have in mass-gravity.

Archimedes Plutonium
whole entire Universe is just one big atom
where dots of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies

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