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Procellarum June 27th 06 04:44 AM

Wobble and weather
This report is facinating.

oriel36 June 27th 06 06:52 PM

Wobble and weather

Procellarum wrote:
This report is facinating.

No offense but I would not know whether to laugh or cry.

A bigger problem that human generated climate imbalances is the
standard of people who are managing to put themselves as
authorities.The interpretation of data is fine up to a point but
lacking any credible mechanism for global climate norms based on the
Earth's motions,this type of vacuous trivia presentedin the website
is bound to surface as a form of self congratulation.

The oscillation of temperature signatures over the course of the
Earth's annual orbit indicate that hemispherical meteorological
patterns are influenced by the inclination of radiation striking the
Earth's surface and the amount of time a given latitude spends in the
Earth's orbital shadow.

The archaic variable tilting Earth to the Sun/Orbital plane is just a
symptom of poor astronomical discourse based on meteorological cycles
rather than what it should be,global climate norms and the
discrimination based on temperature signatures derived from the
relationship between axial and orbital motions and temperature
signatures through short terms events or human industrial activity.

The wise marvel at the commonplace,those of lesser intellectual and
intuitive capabailities satisfy themselves and are fascinated with

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