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Jacques van Oene July 20th 04 06:07 PM

'Jules Verne' arrives at ESTEC
'Jules Verne' arrives at ESTEC

After a long and complicated journey by air, land and sea, the Automated
Transfer Vehicle (ATV) christened Jules Verne arrived at ESTEC in Noordwijk
on 15 July. Jules Verne is the first of seven European supply ships for the
International Space Station. It will undergo extensive testing at ESTEC over
the next six months.

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Jacques :-)

Jim Kingdon July 21st 04 06:12 AM

'Jules Verne' arrives at ESTEC

Nice article. Summarizes the timeline for the first ATV launch. They
don't specifically give an expected date, but sounds like early to mid
2005, if things go well.

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