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Martin Brown February 28th 14 08:56 AM

On 27/02/2014 22:43, Dave Liquorice wrote:
Definate glow to the northern horizon between the little bits of
cloud. First aurora for years, there may have been other chances in
the last year but cloud is PITA...

No clouds here, but my northern horizon is light polluted. Just about
enough aurora in the NW to see slight green colour distinct from light
pollution but not a particularly strong display when I was looking.

It made BBC weather forecast on the late evening news 10.30pm.

Alerts from and Lancs Uni Aurorawatch.

Kp about 6, which it has to be to produce a visible aurora here and
forecast to rise:

Unfortunately it fell back again soon after. Still a nice pre-start for
Astronomy Week which begins tomorrow with local events around the UK.

More on Astronomy Week 1-8th March

Martin Brown

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