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This is the weekly Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) posting
for and . It is crossposted
into to explain posting redirection.

These newsgroups are for the discussion of technology and
engineering of spacecraft and space travel ( and
space and planetary science (

============ and are moderated newsgroups;
all postings are mailed by posters news server to the moderator
for review and approval. Unlike other moderated newsgroups,
in and, rejected postings other than
spam and grossly off topic materials will be redirected to rather than rejected outright; this was part
of the groups charter as founded.

The origional and current moderator is George William Herbert,
who may be contacted via email at:

These newsgroups cover related topics: Space Shuttle (moderated) News and current events postings The history of the world's space programs (moderated) Moderated/low flames miscellaneous space topics International Space Station

sci.astro.hubble (moderated)
sci.astro.research (moderated)

This is the newsgroups charters, from the Call for Votes which
created these newsgroups, issued on Nov 10, 1993, the results
of which were posted Dec 7, 1993. This is available at the URL:

This is a reorganization of the Usenet space-related newsgroups. It includes
splitting, renaming of, and drawing
alt.sci.planetary in as an official sci group (part of
The original group will be removed as part of the first vote
(rmgroup, newgroup The existing newsgroups and are unaffected by this reorganization. (moderated, moderator George William Herbert)
Technical issues and directly related policy issues on all
aspects of space flight; space launch vehicles present, past,
proposed, and propulsion (including poorly or undeveloped
methods such as ion, solar sail, laser-sail, antimatter,
etc); space station design, engineering, operations, and goals;
and any other types of spacecraft technology, engineering,
operations, and related topics. Technical issues involved in
developing space resources, colonization of space, etc.
Technical, costing, and directly related policy decisions
will also be appropriate. Questions about space technology,
operations, engineering, etc. are all appropriate, at any level. (moderated, moderators gwh and Steve Willner)
For discussing planetary and non-planetary space science;
including technical issues in planetary science, planetary
science space missions, techniques, goals, and information
about the planets themselves, space astronomy, physics,
space science in general, stellar science (ours and others), etc.
Questions about space science, the planets, etc.
The primary emphasis is on doing science in or about space;
sci.astro remains the appropriate group for astronomy per se. (unmoderated)
Policy issues not directly related to technical issues in
any space field, including government policies, budget priorities,
mission type priorities, goals of space programs, the role of
governments and space agencies in developing space, etc.
Any discussions on technical issues where person feel
the moderated groups are not giving full range of expression
are also appropriate.

The moderated groups shall have a policy of merely redirecting
to .policy rather than outright rejecting inappropriate articles.
The moderators may contact the poster and ask them if they would
prefer to rewrite a borderline article rather than simply redirect
it, at their discretion, but the author may insist on having the
article posted as-is to

Any questions or concerns about the FAQ can be directed to
the moderator. The official moderator's address is:

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