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William Pence April 9th 07 08:17 PM

[fitsbits] Start of the ''Hierarchical Grouping' Public CommentPeriod
This is to announce the start of the 30-day Public Comment Period on the
'Hierarchical Grouping' FITS convention that has been submitted for
inclusion in the 'Registry of FITS Conventions' that is maintained by
the IAU FITS Working Group. This is the 5th in a growing series of
conventions submitted for inclusion in the Registry.

A document describing this convention and a sample FITS file that uses
it are available for public review and comment from the FITS registry
web page at

This grouping convention provides a general mechanism for defining
hierarchical associations of HDUs. The group members may reside in a
single FITS file or be distributed in many files which may reside on
different computer systems. The convention uses a FITS table to record
all the members of the group (one member per row of the table).

Comments may be posted here on the FITSBITS mail exploder or the
sci.astro.fits newsgroup. Minor typographical issues may be sent
directly to the authors of the convention.

Bill Pence
(on behalf of the IAU FITS Working Group)
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Dr. William Pence
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