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R Kym Horsell[_2_] April 19th 21 03:49 AM

Pentagon says this video taken by Navy is indeed a UFO
In alt.astronomy Andrew W wrote:

The Defense Department has confirmed that leaked photos and video of
"unidentified aerial phenomena" taken in 2019 are indeed legitimate images
of unexplained objects.


They've been confirming a lot in the past 10-20 years. It kinda
indicates those rumors "they" were keeping things suppressed
not to confuse or alarm the general population.

Looking through the data seems to show "Our Friends" (whoever)
have been mostly keeping a low profile for a long time.

People ask why they dont declare themselves. And there's an
obvious argument. Because you can't exploit a situation if everyone
knows you're there.

While my initial data processing didnt turn up anything untoward
except a strong correlation with UFO sightings and mass bird
and fish deaths, these days (when you know where to look) more
and more negative things seem to be turning up.

But it's not all totally bad. It seems there are different
sections of the UFO bunch and some want some things and some
want the opposite things. Some are apparently trying to screw
humanity up -- we might charitably say they are doing this out
of self defence -- and other parts are trying to reign in the
parts that are trying to screw humanity up.

The latest numbers I'm running now suggest the "surprise"
decline in human sperm health may not be entirely due to
agricultural chemicals or warming of the Arctic.

The top correlations with data published on the year
by year decline in human sperm production a

Pluto latecl 3m lag R2 = 96.077%
Neptune r 3m lag 95.48
Cosmic MRNY 12m lag 95.12
Uranus Lonecl 0 lag 94.92
N2O global 0 lag 91.76
UFO N.Dak. 1m lag 68.45
SST 10E 3m lag 12.47
UFO Teardrop 12m lag 12.07
NOAATEMP Arcocean 0 lag 11.39

So it seems some other things are more predictive of
year to year decline in human fertility than the weather
or climate.

Interestingly the N2O is laughing gas. Produced by
both over-use of fertilisers but also seasonally by
ocean phytoplankton. There is some other evidence
"Our Friends" (tm; not necessarily our friends)
may be following certain types of plankton around
(6 significant blooms per year in a complex pattern
swapping between the N and S hemispheres) and -- we
might suspect -- eating one type and using another
type for raw materials.

I wont worry anyone at this time about the "meat substitution"
thing that seems to turn up in patterns of cow mutilations
and kidnappings in the US.

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