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Llanzlan Klazmon The 15th
July 29th 03, 05:39 AM
takashi > wrote in

> Hi, I have started to learn some numerical math software. I am looking
> for some physical data that I can use in order to get familiar with my
> numerical software. For instance, I would like to get the data about
> sun's temperature distribution(T=T(x,y,z,t)) or magnetic field. I am
> interested in calculating divergence or curl of some data at each
> point, so it would be very nice that the data has some associated
> direction with it( like E field or maganetic field). My computer does
> not have a huge hard drive( I only have 100 Mb left), so I can't
> handle a huge data set. Could you give me any suggestions?
> Thank you very much, and have a good day.

There is a lot of publically available data from the various instruments
of the SOHO spacecraft. It may not be in the form you want it but dig


They do provide software for analysing the data too.