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Mike Bandy
July 24th 03, 08:30 PM
On 24 Jul 2003 04:45:21 GMT, elliott dozier >

>Subject: Where can I find an owner's maual for an old
>Sears telescope?
>sorry for the off topic post.
>the telescope is:
>Model No. 4 6305-A
>Equatorial Refractor

I don't know the answer, but my suggestion is to try to obtain the
manual from Sears. Your message isn't off topic for this newsgroup.

I have one more suggestion if you can't get the manual from Sears and
if you don't get an authoritative answer from alt.astronomy. Try
asking at sci.astro.amateur. There's a lot of talk about telescopes
on that newsgroup. Don't let the "amateur" scare you. There are many
knowledgeable people there.

Mike Bandy

Jonathan Silverlight
July 25th 03, 03:31 PM
In message >, elliott dozier
> writes
>"amateur" scare me !! heck that's just one step above me.
Don't forget that amateur is a state of mind, not a statement of
ability. It's the opposite of "professional". "Amateurish" as an insult
was probably coined by a journalist or a politician, and both are in the
oldest profession.
"Roads in space for rockets to travel....four-dimensional roads, curving with
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July 26th 03, 01:46 PM
Well, there is the old favourite:

"The Titanic was build by professionals, Noah's Ark by amateurs"

Of course it presupposes that "Noah's Ark" or even Noah ever existed.. but
the point is worth remembering at times :)