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G=EMC^2 Glazier
July 15th 03, 02:14 PM
I'll start by saying our earth is a self contained space ship. The earth
in 4.5 billion years will be the same. Man would have changed a lot,and
in that much time he would have unlimited energy and brain power. The
sun is now ready to transform its iron content to its limit. Man will
not take any chances,and move the earth into deep space,and get its
accelerating speed up to 75% of light speed. It will coast at that speed
for billions and billions of years. The first life on earth did not need
the sun,and when the sun is gone,man will go on without it. Matter
and energy can't be destroyed,and that goes for man. Matter is made of
protons,and they don't decay. Bert

July 19th 03, 12:40 PM
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> Bert
> It is my fervent hope that in 4.5 billion years we would have evolved
> into higher life forms al la Babylon 5 Vorlons or 'doc' Smith's
> Arisians. I should hope by then we would have colonised the Galaxy,
> set up Stargates to other Galaxies and be giants amongst the Stars,
> walking where we will. No doubt, by then, we will have learned to
> harness the power of stars to do our will, wreaking havoc on the
> ecology of the Universe no doubt. Maybe, just maybe, we will have
> learned what really caused the Big Bang and create our own Universes
> to play in.
> The futures so bright I have to wear shades.

Our jailers probably won't allow this.

Earth is a prison... and while we MIGHT be able to figure out
how to develop shields that allow us to explore our Solar System,
they'll never let us get much beyond the Kuiper Belt.

happy days and...
starry starry nights!

A smidgeon of fear and a sprinkle of strife
And a whole lotta love till your cold...
Most everyone here wants to live a long life,
Ah! but nobody wants to get old.

Paine Ellsworth