View Full Version : For Trade - Orion 127mm Mak - I want 120mm EQ Astroview Refractor

July 5th 03, 04:04 PM
I have a Orion 127mm StarMax "Mak" telescope. It's hardly used and in
perfect condition. I live in an apartment, and can't leave it outside for
the cool-down time without worrying about someone stealing it.

I would like to trade just the scope for an Orion Astroview 120mm EQ

I don't want to trade mounts or lens, just the scope. Both telescopes are
sold with the same mount, so I just want to trade scopes.

I do have the quick focus know on my StarMax, and will include that. In
addition, I also have a red dot Orion starfinder on the scope. I will
probably take that off and keep it unless you already have something
comparible mounted on the refractor.

I live in the College Station, Texas area. But, if anyone lives within
reasonable driving distance, please e-mail me at: