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Dennis Persyk
March 11th 04, 08:08 PM
Abel 1367 is a group of faint galaxies in Leo. I imaged them with the
NP101 @ f/5.4 and MX716 camera.

I used an IR blocking filter to get tighter stars, but I was
disappointed that magnitude 7.5 SAO 81972 still came out bloated.
Perhaps it is not due to chromatic aberration, but rather scatter
within the NP101. The NP101 is not baffled as well as a Takahashi or
Astro Physics refractor.

In the future I will probably forgo the IR blocking filter to take
advantage of the MX716's sensitivity out to 1060 nm and just accept
the chromatic aberration in favor of much more signal.

Images at

Please take a look. Comments on my web page are always welcome.

Clear skies,

Dennis Persyk
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