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Peter Eschman
February 29th 04, 02:55 AM
The Albuquerque Astronomical Society (TAAS), a non-profit
organization of New Mexico amateur astronomers, is now selling
a computer screen saver featuring astronomical images. Funds
raised by sales of the screen saver will be used to help support
the organization's public astronomy outreach programs.

Deep Sky Southwest is a new computer screensaver featuring 50
astrophotos captured in the American Southwest by amateur
astronomers. The product was developed by the non-profit
organization TAAS (The Albuquerque Astronomical Society),
and includes both color and black & white images of galaxies,
nebulae, clusters, constellations, comets, and other celestial

Deep Sky Southwest was created using professional screensaver
authoring software. It installs and runs on Windows operating
systems. The screensaver comes packaged in a jewel-case with a
full-color cover. Included is an informational insert explaining
the objects seen on the screensaver.

The images on Deep Sky Southwest were donated by amateur
astrophotographers David Nelson Blair, Nancy Davis, Carl Frisch,
Barry Gordon, Dan Richey, and John Sefick. The screensaver was
developed entirely by volunteers, as a fundraising project to
support TAAS's programs.

For ordering information, as well as to view some thumbnail images
from the screensaver, visit www.taas.org/screensaver.

Peter Eschman

Director, General Nathan Twining Observatory (GNTO)
The Albuquerque Astronomical Society (TAAS)