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Hossein Javadi
January 29th 04, 08:24 AM
Unified Force-Energy-Mass Theory of CPH

In Quantum mechanics and Relativity have been accepted that field and
mass-energy are two separable items. But Force, Energy and Mass are
equivalent in Theory of CPH. Also in classical physics attractive and
repulsive gravitational force are independence and there is not any
relationship between repulsive gravitational force and the limitation
of speed in universe. In General Relativity gravity replacement by
space-time and gravity is not a fundamental force. But in Theory of
CPH gravity force is a fundamental force and it produces other
fundamental forces. Also repulsive gravitational force and limit of
speed are depending to each other in Theory of CPH. Also universe
expanding and accelerating universe are result able of limitation of
speed in Theory of CPH. So, Dark Energy is result able of the above
equivalence deduction.

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