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Dennis Persyk
January 24th 04, 07:09 PM
In my quest for equal-opportunity comet imaging, I have imaged a much
dimmer comet than the currently bright C/2002 T7 LINEAR. My images of
43P Wolf-Harrington are found at

Max Wolf (Königstuhl Observatory, Heidelberg, Germany) discovered this
comet photographically in December, 1924. The P designates a
periodic, or reoccurring, comet. It returns every 6.46 years.

Comet 43P Wolf-Harrington is currently in Pegasus at magnitude 12.5 .
Greg Crinklaw, a/k/a Skyhound,
http://www.skyhound.com/sh/comets.html calls it "An evening comet
visible in a 10-inch telescope";. It was not visible in my C-11 from
my VLM 3.5 site, but was easily recognized in just a 10 second CCD
exposure. It looks rather austere with its obvious tail and large
coma amongst a lonely star field.

Clear skies,

Dennis Persyk
Igloo Observatory Home Page http://dpersyk.home.att.net
Hampshire, IL

Peter Bealo
January 24th 04, 08:34 PM

Beautiful images and a nice website. Not austere, but not too verbose. Keep
those comet pictures coming!

Peter Bealo
Sweet Hill Observatory
Plaistow, NH