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January 17th 04, 08:00 AM

Let me present you something that you don't use to talk about :
the ET presence.

It is so important for yourselves and the people around you that I
dare today to introduce a WORLDWIDE REFERENDUM. It is not my nature
to bore someone else, and I hope I don't, but after the reading of
the message below (short version) you will understand what can occur
in our near future.

Whatever your interests are, don't underestimate the consequences of
your own choice for your own life. Everyone is directly concerned.
It is not a simple message, not only an other one among thousands
you have already received. This is a worldwide phenomenon ! The ET's
question is very simple :

A message has been telepathically received from ETs by a French jet
pilot, air traffic controller and airport manager, master in
economic sciences in new technologies. He actually works with
scientists (physicists) on the 3D time theory he has also
telepathically received from ETs. This theory is going to be a
scientific revolution. He uses a pseudonymous not to get publicity.
Hundreds of thousands people have reacted. Just see all the
available message translations (original long version) here :


The ET's deal is simple : "you don't have enough ET evidences, ask
us to give them to you, but be ready to change or abandon radically
your beliefs and points of view in order to become a real self-
empowered human fraternity able to get dangers far away".

Please, give you the time to read and read again this message.

Writers, analysts and reporters have already seriously considered
this ET message as a new turn for Humanity.
If you desire to discover dozens of links (websites, forums and
initiatives in more than twelve languages) speaking about the
message go to the above url second page :


In addition, a discussion group has been created for those who have
requested to participate actively to the spreading of this historical
extraterrestrial communication :

Please, circulate this extraordinary message.


A reader among others.

PS1 : Here is the list of the 57 countries where the message has
already been read for the moment :
France , Denmark , Brazil , Canada , Italy , Australia , United
States , Austria , Mexico , United Kingdom , Netherlands , Belgium ,
Germany , Argentina , Switzerland , New Zealand , Japan , Spain,
Sweden, Finland, Israel , Norway , Turkey , Estonia , Czech
Republic, Greece , Malta , Peru , Croatia , Uruguay , Poland ,
Chile , Romania , South Africa , Indonesia , Hong Kong , Hungary ,
Venezuela, Colombia , Bulgaria , Luxembourg , Saudi Arabia ,
Lithuania , Portugal , Singapore , Paraguay , Guatemala,
Philippines , Thailand , Malaysia , Costa Rica , SIovenia ,
Dominica , Lebanon , Dominican Republic , United Arab Emirates,
PS2 : The ET's message (short version = selection of sentences from
the original version) :

"DO YOU WISH THAT WE SHOW UP ?" (short version)

Consider this message as a worldwide referendum! And your answer as
a ballot!

Who are we ?

What in your history seemed ridiculous or improbable has often
become possible, then realised, in particular in the last fifty
years. We are conscious creatures that some name "extra-
terrestrials", even though reality is subtler.
There is no fundamental difference between you and us, save for the
experience of certain stages of evolution. Like most of you, we are
in the quest of the Supreme Being. We have no human representative
on Earth who could guide your decision.

Why aren't we visible ?

Structured DEMATERIALISATION and materialisation are part of new
forms of science beyond the apparent control of matter. That you
call `UFOs, there are essentially multidimensional manufactured
spaceships that apply these capacities.
For negative multidimensional beings that play a part in the
exercise of power in the shadow of human oligarchy, discretion is
motivated by their will to keep their existence and seizure unknown.
For us, discretion is motivated by the respect of the human free
will that people can exercise to manage their own affairs so that
they can reach technical and spiritual maturity on their own.
Humankind's entrance into the family of galactic civilisations is
greatly expected.
We can appear in broad daylight and help you attain this union. We
haven't done it so far, as too few of you have genuinely desired it,
because of ignorance, indifference or fear, and because the
emergency of the situation did not justify it.
Who are you ?
You are the offspring of many traditions that throughout time have
been mutually enriched by each others' contributions. The appearance
of your cultures seems to keep you separated because you substitute
it to your deeper being. Shape is now more important than the
essence of your subtle nature.
For the powers in place, this prevalence of the shape constitutes
the ramparts against any form of jeopardy.
You are being called on to overcome shape while still respecting it
for its richness and beauty. Peace does not mean not making war, it
consists in becoming what you are in reality: a same Fraternity.

What is your situation ?

Your history has never ceased to be marked by encounters between
peoples who had to discover one another in conditions that were
often conflictual. Earth has now become a village where everyone
knows everyone else but still conflicts persist and threats of all
kinds get worse in duration and intensity.
Your thoughts and beliefs are modelled after partisan interests to
turn you into slaves while at the same time giving you the feeling
that you are in total control of your destiny, which in essence is
the reality.
Ecosystem exhaustion mechanisms have exceeded irreversible limits.
The scarcity of resources and their unfair distribution - resources
which entry price will rise day after day - will bring about
fratricide fights at a large scale, but also at the very heart of
your cities and countrysides.
Hatred grows bigger but so does love. That is what keeps you
confident in your ability to find solutions. But the critical mass
is insufficient and a sabotage work is cleverly being carried out.
Tribes, populations and human nations have always encountered and
interacted with one another. Faced with the threats weighing upon
the human family, it is perhaps time that a greater interaction

Who are the "third party" ?

There are two ways to establish a cosmic contact with another
civilisation: via its standing representatives or directly with
individuals without distinction. The first way entails fights of
interests, the second way brings awareness.
The first way was chosen by a group of races motivated by keeping
mankind in slavery, thereby controlling Earth resources, the gene
pool and human emotional energy.
The second way was chosen by a group of races allied with the cause
of the Spirit of service.
That is why today individuals are to make this choice by themselves
without any representative interfering. Peace and reunification of
your peoples would be a first step toward the harmony with
civilisations other than yours.
That is precisely what those who manipulate you behind the scenes
want to avoid at all cost because, by dividing, they reign! They
also reign over those who govern you. Their strength comes from
their capacity to distillate mistrust and fear into you. This
considerably harms your very cosmic nature.
Being aware of the priceless value of free will, we are inviting you
to an alternative.

What can we offer ?

WE CAN offer you a more holistic vision of the universe and of life,
constructive interactions, the experience of fair and fraternal
relationships, liberating technical knowledge, eradiction of
suffering, controlled exercise of individual powers, the access to
new forms of energy and, finally, a better comprehension of

WE CANNOT help you overcome your individual and collective fears, or
bring you laws that you would not have chosen, work on your own
selves, individual and collective effort to build the world you
desire, the spirit of quest to new skies.

What would we receive ?

Should you decide that such a contact takes place, we would rejoice
over the safeguarding of fraternal equilibrium in this region of the
universe, fruitful diplomatic exchanges, and the intense Joy of
knowing that you are united to accomplish what you are capable of.
The feeling of JOY is strongly sought in the universe for its energy
is divine.

What is the question we ask you ?


How to can you answer this question ?
The truth of soul can be read by telepathy. This is why you should
calmly think about it, in all conscience. Do not rush to answer.
Breathe and let all the power of your own free will penetrate you.
You only need to give your answer, YES or NO, IMMEDIATELY AFTER
In your own private polling booth of your secret will, you will
determine the future.

What is the lever effect ?

This decision should be made by the greatest number among you, even
though it might seem like a minority. This request is one of the
most intimate that can be asked to you.
If you really want to cling to your beliefs, which is something that
we understand, then say NO. If you do not know what to choose, do
not say YES because of mere curiosity.
Your history has plenty of episodes when determined men and women
were able to influence the thread of events in spite of their small
number. Just like a small number is enough to take temporal power on
Earth and influence the future of the majority, a small number of
you can radically change your fate as an answer to the impotence in
face of so much inertia and hurdles ! You can ease the mankind's
birth to Brotherhood.

What would be the consequences of a positive decision ?

For us, the immediate consequence of a collective favourable
decision would be the materialisation of many ships, in your sky and
on Earth.
For you, the direct effect would be the rapid abandoning of many
certitudes and beliefs. Concretely, you would change the scale of
your values !
Later on, peaceful and respectful exchanges would be thus possible
if such is your wish. For now, he who is hungry cannot smile, he who
is fearful cannot welcome us. We are sad to see men, women and
children suffering to such a degree in their flesh and in their
hearts when they bear such an inner light.
The main difference between your daily prayers to entities of a
strictly spiritual nature and your current decision is extremely
simple :
we are technically equipped to materialise!

Why such a historical dilemma ?

We know that "foreigners" are considered as enemies as long as they
embody the "unknown". In a first stage, the emotion that our
appearance will generate will strengthen your relationships on a
worldwide scale.

How could you know whether our arrival is the consequence of your
collective choice ? For the simple reason that we would have
otherwise been already there for a long time at your level of
existence ! If we are not there yet, it is because you have not made
such a decision explicitely.
How could you be certain that this is not yet another subtle
manoeuvre of the "third party" to better enslave you ? Because one
always more efficiently fights something that is identified than the
Whatever, you are the sole judge in your own heart and soul ! Do you
want to see us with your own eyes, or simply believe what your
thinkers say ? That is the real question!

You are still the architects of your own fate...


Complete original message on www.geocities.com/meetetnow/


You have to know that an increasing number of persons from
everywhere, from all religions, workers and doctors, poors and
richs, every one agreeing the ET proposal, participate to a
worldwide Global First Contact Experiment which will involve a
series of weekly visualizations details of the first of which are as
(Go to : http://www.exopolitics.org/First-Contact.htm )


Imagine yourself being asked by benevolent extraterrestrials the
question: "Do You Wish That We Show Up?" Say 'yes'! Then instantly
imagine luminous extraterrestrial ships appearing high over every
city of the planet for a period lasting seven days and nights. The
ships perform light displays that indicate universal greetings of
peace, joy and fraternity…