View Full Version : ASTRO: Ten hours of M27 in Ha, OIII and Blue

Richard Crisp
January 11th 04, 04:41 PM
Taking an idea from our friends at ESO, I imaged M27 during the summer using
Ha, OIII and Blue filters.

This is a total of 10 hours exposure using a C14 with an FLI Dream
Machine/RCOS Beam Splitter/AO7 and ST7E.

I'd like to shoot this one again next season using SII and NII as well.


In my attempt to bring out the outer ring, I managed to sort of over process
it a tad. I got those dreaded haloes around some of the brighter stars.
Maybe on some rainy day I will re-process it from scratch again. Trouble is
that by the time I do that I will have spent more time processing it than I
did exposing it!

Comments always welcome.