View Full Version : Introducing BackyardAstronomy.org

Mark Rooney
January 9th 04, 07:25 AM
As much as I am disdained at public postings of this nature on news groups,
they do tend to serve as a focused group for this particular topic.

BackyardAstronomy.org, a loose affiliation of amature astronomers is now
available on the world-wide-web (http://www.backyardastronomy.org). In its
infancy now, BackyardAstronomy.org
is looking for interested parties in becoming affiliates in hosting public
star parties, as well as feed-back on the website's content. we are looking
for folks from around the country, and around the world who have telescopes,
and are interested in donating an evening every quarter to public outreach

As a registered affiliate, you will have a voice in which parties you will
participate in, as well as the direction that BackyardAstronomy.org takes in
the future. Of particular note is the allocation of affiliate revenue
stream from the web-site. Asside from the cost of web hosting (approx
the proceeds from all web advertisement is directed to be placed in a
trust-fund to be donated (as
Astronomy related tools) to Libraries and/or Public Schools. Affiliates
will present the nominations for the organization, and vote for the final
recipient (awarded annually).

Although the website is in its infancy (as stated earlier), I am posting to
get feed-back from interested parties. Please sign-up and let me know what
you think.

If you are interested, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Regards, and Clear Skies!

Mark T Rooney