View Full Version : Time Delay Integration (TDI) with CCDs

George Normandin
January 9th 04, 01:58 AM
There is a new article on SBIG's website relative to TDI (aka drift
scanning, like used by the Slone Digital Sky Survey: http://www.sdss.org/).
While it is of course related to SBIG cameras the idea will certainly apply
to all. There are some interesting web-links in the article that include
free software to do TDI with SBIG's ST-7 and ST-9 cameras. I've not gone to
these links yet, so there may be software for other cameras too.

Here is the link to the SBIG article:

If this link does not work, the pdf file can be gotten off of the "What's
Hot" page on the SBIG website.

George Normandin