View Full Version : ASTRO: Cone Nebula in Ha

Richard Crisp
January 3rd 04, 09:05 PM
I shot this image of the Cone Nebula last night using my C14 and a Custom
Scientific Ha filter.

I used my FLI Dream Machine camera. The shot was a median combine of three
exposures of 20 minutes.

Unfortunately I had a bit of an alignment error so I have a bit of
elongation in the Decl axis. Hopefully tonight I can take a better shot of

This target has been very elusive for me for some time.

Getting closer though....

I also included my old widefield shot of the region showing the Cone,
Foxfur, Hubble's Variable Nebula and the Christmas Tree

Old Widefield shot:

New Ha shot of the Cone:

When I re-shoot I will plan to take more data so I can have a better S/N.
That should keep me from having to use so much smoothing to get rid of the
"cottage cheese" background that results from the deconv and unsharp

Best wishes