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David Norman
November 22nd 03, 03:30 AM

As I feel that it's a very worthwhile directive and a great idea, I've
posted below an invitation from Peter Lynds to have your name listed
"in support of well motivated ethics and ideals in science" on the
upcoming web-site of the Association for the Advancement of Ethics and
Integrity in Science (AAEIS).

Kind regards,
David Norman

(Below text taken from http://www.peterlynds.net.nz/ethics.html)

"Over the next few months I'll be looking to establish a collective
organisation of peers who have similar concerns to me in relation to
ethics, ideals and integrity in present day science. Although such
things as unethical behaviour and questionable motivations have long
been present in science, I can't help but feel that in the past few
decades, the goal of science has been lost to far too many and this is
shown in their behaviour, outlook, and indeed, also sometimes in their
science. Science should be about attempting to decipher truth and then
trying to assert it between us all using reason, integrity, insight
and an open mind, and not about ego, position, hierarchies, ignorance,
or pursuing any consideration other than how the world actually works
and what is true. I feel that by bringing together people with similar
concerns and looking to become actively involved in encouraging the
advancement of well-motivated ethics and ideals in science, we may be
able to make some progress in way of confronting such things.

For the time being, this would involve inviting people to have their
name listed on a website in support of the above ideals in science (as
well as the inclusion of the names of people who decline to be
included if invited), and shortly afterwards, the establishment of a
organisation named the Association for the Advancement of Ethics and
Integrity in Science (AAEIS) along with its own representative
committee, to become involved in any matter of serious scientific
ethical violation that it is made aware of. This would involve the
Association inviting any such complaints, and when received, the
complaint being considered by the committee. If it were decided that a
complaint constituted a serious volitation of ethics, the committee
would then look to become actively involved in trying to address and
resolve any outstanding disagreement or problem. Such action would
probably be in the form of a formal non-legal letter from the body
suggesting a pragmatic course of action or resolution. As such, the
committee would essentially act as a moderator.

How much credence a person or body might pay to such a letter is
naturally uncertain. As the Association will ideally be representing
the concerns of a large number of well-respected scientists and
organisations, and its decisions and suggestions well considered,
reasonable and balanced however, you would hope that such a letter
would be given careful consideration and attention. If the Association
decides that there has been no attempt to address or remedy a serious
violation, details of the matter will be outlined on the Association

Details of the Association (a mission statement, proposal of how the
Association will operate and its committee made up, web address etc)
will be outlined as things develop further. For the time being though,
I'd like to invite anyone interested in having their name listed on a
(hopefully rather long) page on the Associations upcoming website in
support of the advancement of well motivated ethics and ideals in
science to please e-mail , including your name
(Christian and surname), city/state and country, and an optional
webpage link. The title of the page will be "Those who have asserted
their support for the advancement of well motivated ethics and ideals
in science", followed by an alphabetical listing of the people and

Lastly, I've included a short sound clip below which I thought might
be relevant. I'd like to think that if the person talking in it were
around today, he'd probably be one of the first to list his name.

Best wishes

Peter Lynds

(Audio clip available at http://www.peterlynds.net.nz/ethics.html)