View Full Version : Astromix - new software CCD image processing - feedback please.

Richard Ganpatsingh
November 18th 03, 03:15 PM
Dear all,

Announcing the release of Astromix (v0.1.1), a new application to
process captured CCD images and AVI files.

Developed by <a href="http://www.blueleg.co.uk">Blue Legend
Software</a>, this application is freely available to all and we would
be very pleased to receive feedback on this first release. Please see
the website for contact details : http://www.astromix.com

We will continue to develop and expand the application and for anyone
who needs a particular feature, do let us know.

The current feature list is as follows:

- Open an Image Sequence from an AVI file or group of images.
- Support for BMP, JPEG, FITS, GIF and TIFF image formats
- Perform Dark Frame subtraction
- Perform Flat Field correction
- Automatically Align and Stack an Image Sequence
- Image Processing
- Brightness/Contrast
- Gamma Correction
- Unsharp Mask
- Gaussian Blur
- Zoom tool - zoom up to 6400%
- Move tool - used to move around an image
- Multiple Undo/Redo functionality
- Multiple document Interface (MDI) - work on more than one image at
a time!


Richard Ganpatsingh
email: remove five six seven above